Bethesda Conservatory of Dance

8 Week Spring Session

Bethesda Conservatory of Dance is pleased to be offering an 8 week session of introductory dance classes designed to keep kids active and inspired this Spring.  These beginner dance lessons are for children new to dance or are looking to explore a new dance style.  There is no registration fee and no recital commitment for this session. Classes run March 23, 2017-May 19, 2017. Each class will run for 45 minutes and is offered at the discounted price of $125.00/8-week session. All classes are 45 minutes and are offered at $125.00/session.  Any class that does not reach a minimum of 3 dancer will be cancelled. 



Introduction to Dance

This class is open to all levels.  Students will explore these classic American techniques in a relaxed atmosphere.  This class is ideal for students new to dance or for the ballet or hip-hop dancer looking to try on a new style.


5-7 year olds: Sunday 9:45am-10:30am; Friday 5:45pm-6:30pm; Saturday 9:00-9:45pm

8-11 year olds: Thursday 5:00-5:45

12 -14 year olds: Monday 7:30pm-8:15pm


Preschool Creative Dance

This 8 week mini-series introduces the beginning concepts that we build throughout the year in our year-long classes. This class uses music and props to engage our students in developmentally appropriate movement.  Basic ballet steps are introduced along with developmental concepts such as crossing the mid-line, balancing, identifying rhythm, as well as gross motor skills.  We encourage the children to integrate their evolving movement vocabulary as well as explore new movement options during activities.  *Please note that our 8-week Creative Dance class does not include tap.

Sunday: 11:30am-12:15pm

Monday: 4:45pm-5:30pm

Thursdays: 10:30am-11:15am; 1:30-2:15; 4:15pm-5:00pm



This class is offered to students of all levels.  It is a fun introduction to two very different styles of upbeat movement.  Students will warm-up and learn combinations incorporating both techniques.


 7-9 year olds: Tuesday 5:30-6:15

10-12 year olds: Wednesday 6:30-7:15



Students are invited to get their wiggles out when it is too cold to play outside.  This fun high energy class will introduce clean, age-appropriate variations of multiple styles of hip-hop while dancing to clean versions of popular music.

Thursday 11:15am-12:00pm; 2:15pm-3:00pm

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