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Bethesda Conservatory of Dance

Covid-19 Plan

The health and safety of you, our students, staff, and their families is our only priority in this unprecedented crisis.  We believe dance provides a much needed creative, emotional, and physical outlet to our students.  In order to continue to provide quality dance instruction in the safest manner possible, we have developed the following strategy:

3 S’s: Safety/Spacing/Sanitization:

• Continue to provide on-line dance classes.
• Students and Staff must take their temperature before departing for the studio.  BCoD reserves the right to check any and all temperatures using a temporal scanner before entry to the building.  
• Staff must complete and sign a symptom log before beginning a shift. Students will be sent a checklist to review before each class. 
• No student or staff member may enter the building if they, a member of their family, or personal contact has or has had symptoms of Covid-19 as outlined by the CDC in the last 14 days.  
•Students and Staff must wear a mask to be pulled down only for water breaks.  Lessons will be designed to limit excursion to a comfortable level.
•We are monitoring the case trends in the area and government regulations/advisories closely. At the very first hint of cases increasing in our area, we will move to back to virtual-only classes.
•Staff must wash hands hourly as a minimum.
•No props will be used.

• Students must maintain appropriate distancing of no less than 6ft at all times.  Markers are placed on the studio floor to assist in distancing.  
• Our lobby is closed.  Students that are not able to separate at the street level door may not attend in-person lessons.
• Our dressing room is closed.  Students must arrive dressed in BCoD dress code and change into dance shoes before entering the dance studio.  Dance shoes that have been worn outside may not be used in the dance room.  
• Bathrooms are for emergency use only.  

•  A hospital-grade fogger will be used daily to disinfect the entire studio and bathroom space.
• Commonly touched surfaces will be cleaned with EPA and CDC approved cleaners between lessons.  
• HEPA Air Purifiers will be running and windows will be open in each room during lessons.
• Roomba vacuums will be used while the building is empty to prevent potential air particle spread.
• The dance floors will be disinfected via robot daily.  
• Staff will be trained on how to use all of the new cleaners and equipment.  
• Everyone must use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the building.
• You can check out our video of our new sanitizing gear at:

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