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Benefits of Dancing on a Sprung Floor 


Dance flooring standards have come a long way in recent years.  Thanks to the continuing research from The Harkness Center in New York, the work of biomechanics professor Luke Hopper, Dr. Boni Reitveld, The Physical Therapy Department of the University of Missouri, Jeffery A. Russel, and many others, medical science has established a link between dancing on unyielding surfaces and foot and ankle injury, and are studying the effects on back injuries.  Dancing on a dance specific sprung floor is essential to protect the growing bodies of young dancers from lifelong injuries. While no movement activity is without risk, the type of surface you are moving on can help reduce the risks.  Dance creates impact energy.  If the energy generated by dance is returned to the body it can result in shin splints, fractures, and an array of knee problems, tendonitis, and ankle sprains. A dance floor that is both impact absorbent and provides lateral foot support is essential.  The Bethesda Conservatory of Dance, LLC has a professional grade sprung floor. In fact, we have the same floor as the Joffery Ballet School and the American Tap Institute.  However, even if you choose not to dance with us, the research is clear.  Do not accept anything less than a professionally installed sprung floor for your dancer.

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